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Couples & Family Therapy

Meaningful couples therapy session taking place at Mt. Diablo Psychological Services, aimed at strengthening relationships and promoting understanding.

At Mt. Diablo Psychological Services, we offer evidence-based couples and family therapy in Contra Costa County. Our approach involves working with both individual members and the family system to foster positive change and promote healthy relationships.

Couples and family therapy is designed to enhance communication, meet the needs of partners, and cultivate positive emotions and satisfaction within relationships. By understanding and addressing recurring patterns, we help couples and families overcome obstacles that hinder their best intentions. Our therapy aims to prevent isolation and restore strong connections, especially during challenging life situations.

In addition, we provide DBT skills training to children aged 10-18 using the Multifamily group model. This innovative approach involves joint participation of parents and teens in group sessions, fostering skill development and growth as a family unit.

Discover the transformative power of couples and family therapy at Mt. Diablo Psychological Services, where evidence-based therapies bring harmony, understanding, and resilience to your relationships.

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